Practice Areas

JAMA’A LAW CHAMBERS is enriched with requisite skills to execute a vast number of legal services which includes but not limited to the following:


Commercial Transactions

We believe that careful planning and advice at the initial stages safeguard your business and assets. Our commercial lawyers have vast experience in assisting clients at all stages of their commercial ventures. We can help clients to map out the best way to grow their business and realize their goals whilst protecting their assets. When times get tough, we can also help guide you through any litigation or dispute resolution process. Our practice areas also include business sale and purchase contracts, commercial leasing, security documentation, shareholders’ agreements and commercial contracts generally.


Property Transactions

Our Firm offers comprehensive conveyancing services for the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property throughout Nigeria and Abroad.


Labour & Employment Matters

Our employment lawyers can assist you with employment issues such as unfair dismissal, workplace harassment, employment discrimination and more.



       Court proceedings are costly, financially and emotionally draining. Our Mediators make every effort to assist you to resolve issues before embracing the last option of litigation. 


Intellectual Property Matters

We cover all areas of trade mark, design and copyright law worldwide in relation to the selection, clearance, protection, management and enforcement of your intellectual property. From name availability check to trade mark registration and everything in between, our IP specialists provide straightforward, expert IP advice tailored to your business needs.


Medical Negligence

You are reliant on medical professionals to find out what is wrong with you or your loved one, and mistakes or delays in treatment can have lasting consequences for you or the family. If you have been unfortunate enough to experience medical negligence, then you may be able to claim compensation.



A dispute that is handled improperly can quickly become a serious claim and this can result in an expensive litigation period.

Our solicitors at JAMA’A LAW CHAMBERS are experienced in resolving disputes for clients in a quick and effective manner. We can help you through any dispute you find yourself in.


Tax Matters

Our tax lawyers are passionate about tax and are at the forefront of the constantly changing tax laws. We have high level legal technical skills necessary to resolve your matter. You can rest assured you are in the best possible hands.


Human Rights

At JAMA’A LAW CHAMBERS, we represent individuals who have been victims of torture, human trafficking, forced and slave labour, sexual violence, and other violations known to international law.


Immigration Matters

Our legal team provides the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, as well as individuals and families undergoing the immigration process. We take pride in the integrity of our work and our attention to detail.