About Us

At Jama’a Law Chambers (JLC), we pride ourselves as a modern and technologically driven law firm with ears to the ground on clients’ matters and consequently provide an on-the-spot analysis and advice to the matter so presented. We are well known for providing innovative, competent, cost-effective and well-timed solutions.

We also provide discerning clients support over a wide range of areas impacting their business and private lives. Located in Abuja, Nigeria, our lawyers are experts in their respective practice areas and we offer the highest level of services in corporate, commercial, property, criminal and private matters.

Our Vision & Mission Drive is to be the most sought-after Nigerian legal service and business solution provider with excellent, innovative and effective solution laced with global outlook.


At JAMA’A LAW CHAMBERS, we strive for excellence in all areas of our practice. We go beyond best practice in our offer to clients, our performance in legal work, management of the firm, and service to our community.

When it comes to choosing a solicitor the things that matter most are trust, reliability, professionalism
and peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.


Our lawyers strive continuously for justice and excellence; pillars by which our clients experience outstanding service.


Our reputation as a leading law firm demonstrates our capacity to take on a wide range of cases from simple to complex.


Our Attorneys are duly certified in the practice of law and have an extension in Mediation and Arbitration practice for exceptional service delivery to our teeming clients.